Apple is clearly in decline – after the company filled up with foreign H-1B workers

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John Martellaro

John Martellaro

if developer_docs == bad then app_quality = bad; Coders slam Apple for subpar API manuals

“Apple developers are becoming increasingly vocal about their displeasure with the state of the iGiant’s programmer documentation, which they depend upon to craft iOS and macOS software.

In a blog post on Monday, macOS developer Michael Tsai makes note of a handful of fellow coders expressing discontent with Apple’s instructions for working with its technology.

Among them, Scott Anguish, a veteran developer who used to work at Apple, observed on Twitter that old iOS documentation has been moved into an archive and is now unsupported.

“There seems to be no modern guidance for, say, [text fields] blocked by keyboards,” he continued, referring to the challenge of dealing with a virtual keyboard on-screen that obscures an underlying text interface element. “I can’t fathom that this can be the case.”

“You can’t write apps without authoritative docs,” he elaborated.

That’s because Apple’s new manuals online are so minimal compared to the older painstakingly created guides when Americans ran Apple, it’s hard to even tell how the operating systems work now.

Lazy foreign workers didn’t want to put the work in to revise the documentation in a comprehensive manner, and just threw some short references together. Developers may bail on Apple platforms as a result.

H-1Bs go up, companies go into decline.


So much for the theory Americans are too dumb to do the work. Looks like foreign workers are too dumb, as this graph shows.

Apparently not quite as easily as you think.

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