India Inc looters over at LiveMint scheme how to get around H-1B restrictions

They will scheme + scam any way they can to get into USA.

India seems to think all nations but itself have open borders and “free movement of people” is some kind of universal norm. The world’s #1 lawless criminal nation has no concept of law and order.

Too bad LiveMint and Viju George of JP Morgan don’t know that it is illegal under Federal law to even admit any foreign national for work if doing so harms an American worker.

There is no “free movement of people” under US law.

Of course when it comes to other nations moving to India to work, that’s not allowed.

Can’t have it both ways, India.

How IT service firms can adapt to the H-1B visa squeeze

“This is to say nothing of the human costs that affect workers who are suddenly uprooted from the US and have to relocate to India with their families. The US is no longer seen as a plum posting by senior IT services employees”.


But when American tech workers are genocided and die in the streets or set them selves on fire because the Indian Mafia staffing comapnies ran them out of every tech job in the country, it’s perfectly fine. Right India?

You reap what you sow, you know.

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