‘White supremacists fear the increasing diversity of America’

First of all, it’s not “supremacy” if you really did build the place while other countries sat around sucking their communist thumbs.

Secondly, it’s not the “increasing diversity” white Americans fear, it’s the proven, shown systematic racist replacement of American workers by invading hordes of white-hating countries such as India, and the real masters of the US central banking system, Jews, who think USA is really just their plantation tax farm.

When the ants on the ant farm revolt, or create a new system such as the internet, which you no longer control, you simply wipe them out + replace them as you would a nasty ant hive in your backyard.

After all, white Americans have ideas such as a living wage, freedom, and free enterprise – all a threat to the centrally controlled Jewish banking system.

Too much prosperity is bad for the loan business.

Ask yourself why the last 5 heads of the Federal Reserve in a row have been Jewish, when only 2% of the US population is.

That is a statistical impossibility, assuming random chance selection.

Jewish former Fed head Alan Greenspan even admitted he thinks Americans are paid too much.

So the centrally controlled banking system devised a plan to replace all white American workers with foreign workers of other races, who don’t exactly subscribe to western civ values.

Easier to control, easier to pay low wages.

And if they get upity, you just deport them + replace them again.

Scream anti-semitism all you want, but the reality is white Americams are being targeted for removal + replacement by a certain group of people who run America.

Asians + Mexicans are being used as weaponized immigration on white American workers, and that is a fact.

You’d be afraid too – if your house was being invaded.

Oh no? What do you call this:

How’s that for hate?

Tata scholarships for Indians only @ Cornell.

Why, just look at all those non-white engineers who built Silicon Valley.

Those engineers from India sure are better than white American engineers.

But wait, Ms. Attatro, let’s have a little look at the demographics of Seattle and San Francisco too, shall we? Hmmm?

Oh yeah – 20 years of non-white diversity sure has been good for CA. When white Americans ran Silicon Valley 20 years ago, this was unheard of in America.

Now Seattle………

And we know the real, non-MSM number is much higher than that, at least 50%, probably more like 65-70% in the Sea-Tac area.

Supremacy? Look who’s talking.

Non-whites now occupyiny entire industries created entirely by white people.

Ms. Attatro is too young to remember what the US + its economy were like 20 years ago when gosh, white American males ran Silicon Valley.

As the above graph shows, the US back then had:

  • Zero homelessness
  • Zero unemployment
  • A booming economy
  • A spectacular growth curve
  • A Federal tax surplus

But today, as with all manipulated social justice warrior communist countries, the US and its economy are propped up only by debt. Without $22 trillion in debt, the US would have collapsed long ago – just as most socialist countries would. Just ask Venezuela.

She probably also doesn’t know that without the white-invented internet, she wouldn’t have her columnist job.

Enjoy your poverty, and collapse, Ms. Attatro.

She’s probably unaware that in Muslim countries, and in India, slavery is still legal. And that is exactly what the invading Indians + Muslims are planning for white Americans like Ms. Attaro, once they gain a majority.

We think she’s probably going to be missing what those evil white American male founders gifted her.

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