Anon tip: ‘Recruiters asking Passport/SSN/DOB/DL/H1B/GC VS F1 students from Telangana + Andhra are faking their experience to get a job in US’

Someone sent us this info. This just reaffirms most H-1B and “international student” visas are fake from India just so Indians can get jobs in the US. The main attraction is DOLLAR REMITTANCES.

“Daily, I get lots of queries on Sir, can I give Passport number, DL, H1B, SSN, GC copies etc. My answer would be NO. Anyone asking these details, it’s identity theft. Only the American background check agencies should ask if you get selected for a client where client is financial or medical government. Rest NO. Look for honest people who are not asking these details. USA clients least bothered about contractors. Who comes to office to paint the wall, painting (replace with Java development or testing) done or not important, who did is not matter to them? If you don’t understand, you call or book a taxi or uber, do you care about the driver? Same here. So if anyone in the chain of multiple layers systems asking all personal information at step1, he or she is a thief. It’s called identify theft. #USCIS is against multiple layers system so how can you provide your personal information to unknown people?

Recruiter Brother 5:19 PM

from the recruiters is because most of the F1 students from Telangana and Andhra are faking their experience to get a job in US. Passport number verifies their arrival and departure in US

Recruiter Brother 5:23 PM

for eg a candidate is showing 7 years of exp, he is 1993 born, He completed his bachelor degree in 2014, He did the job while he was studying in 2 or 3 years of his engineering, which is exceptional cases. He or She comes to the US for masters. They get a job immediately in US companies, this is also not possible or practical. Then they reach out some Indian US consultancy to file their H1B. So these consultancies Market their fake profiles and help them to get job

even to prove this they are forging h1b copies.

5:25 PM Report to USA government, If their resumes are fake, report. You can not theft sensitive information from all. Please post your lines outside

Recruiter Brother 5:30 PM

and mostly the recruiters from recruiting companies working with TCS, Wipro, Infosys, Hexaware ask such questions. A good recruiter will not ask these documents or will not work with such company

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5:30 PM

The world should know that truth

Recruiter Brother 5:31 PM

sir , the world knows the truth, they are doing in India as well

every American recruiters know these scam

Recruiter Brother 5:33 PM

so we have to be careful while screening and sourcing, Do you know if you search a java developer in Dice from a recruiter login with the filter of H1B, you will get the same candidate name on the first three pages of different email address

Recruiter Brother 5:35 PM

and recruiters change their names to American names because their company tells them to do. But now most of the recruiters use their real names.

5:36 PM

Companies are doing fraud

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I read your posts, and I feel to give the answers but i don’t audience as I am in the same industry. So, I thought to connect with you first and tell you the whole truth.

5:51 PM

The problem is, innocent recruiters’ brothers and sisters losing career due to worst fake resumes guys and worst consultancies. Honest recruiters are getting blamed for worst F1 Students who are faking it and worst consultancies who are giving illegal asylum to them“.

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