Feeling the impact of Trump’s foreign worker squeeze

More “all immigrants are great entrepreneurs and keep the US econ going” shortage shouting propagada.

No mention of the billions in remittances foreign workers loot out of the US econ every year and send home.

Probably a paid PR piece and manipulation from India Inc’s NASSCOM lobby to loot the US econ.

They’re not skilled, they’re not temporary, and it’s not for 3 years. It’s forever. 3 years + 3 year extension, then green card, then citizienship, then takeover, then become CEO and toss Americans on the streets.

Silicon valley, built by Americans is now 71% foreign occupied. Nothing temporary or limited about them.

India alone sucks $10 billion in remittances out of the US, while providing little value + lost of million dollar failed projs such as MillerCoors, 787, PA, TX, IN state failed projs, and Hertz failed website.

When US sells to India, they get Apple products, American cars, nuke reactors, and loads of other great stuff.

We get looted + fails.

$10 bil a year sure would house homeless vets or American developers ethnically cleansed and genocided out of the US workforce.


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