From IT services to software products

Yeah, we’ve been hearing that for 20 years now.

Ain’t going to happen.

The entire Indian IT Services racket was a fraud from day 1. Not only can’t they provide services, making their own products is impossible.

Indian IT snake charming hype has moved billions out of the US + left the US with little more than failed projs + lots of loss.

Just ask Hertz, Boeing, or MillerCoors.

Or NV DMV, or the States of PA, TX, and IN.

“With the focus on technology start-ups and R&D, India can make a stride in software product development space, continue its brand as a global IT leader, and become a wealthy nation, eventually bringing prosperity to all…

Ruling over software services exports for two-and-a-half decades globally, India is synonymous with the new normal of technology disruption. Now the time has come to shift focus from software services to software products, to capitalise on the dynamic global trends in technology adoption. Against the backdrop of a high performing IT-BPM industry, the country needs to reinvent itself as a products superpower”.

Technology disruption?

The only thing India has disrupted is the lives of American tech workers who built Silicon Valley and whose lives were destroyed by armies of faking frauds from a country which cannot even pick up its own trash and has an average IQ of 82 – 17 points below the average American IQ.

Exactly what technology has India produced that makes it a “leader”?

Zip. Zero. Nothing. Not even one Apple or Microsoft created in India by Indian tech geniuses.

The whole thing is a looting scam.

If they could have become a software products superpower, it would not take 25 years to do so.

But don’t worry, India’s software products leadership is coming. Any day now. No, really, it is. Just give it another 25 years.

By the time India becomes a software prodcuts leader, you may have been long dead and not even lived long enough to verify that claim.

We’re still waiting India………..

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