Tariff on All Chinese Imports Would Create 720K American Jobs – Breitbart

Of course they would. China has been cheating on WTO rules required by every other WTO member since 2001.

Tarriffs on the India Inc looting bodyshop global staffing companies would create even more jobs.

In the 1980s when the Japanese took over the US car industry then-president Reagan told Honda: “If you want to sell your cars here, you have to build factories here and employ our people”.

Imagine telling that to racist InfoSys, Tata, or Wipro today as the Indian Mafia genocides every white American tech worker in the US.

720,000 jobs is a fraction of the 30-40 million US jobs lost since globalization started in 1998.

Thanks, Mr. Clinton + Mr. Gore. Those “vast economic benefits”” you promised Americans under NAFTA + free trade never happened.

Did they?


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