What’s behind the desire for ‘skilled’ immigrants? Racial prejudice.


No, cheap labor and the US Chamber of Commerce are – now the biggest lobby in DC.

And they’re not skilled – Americans are training their replacements at work.

Not only are those non-immigrants entering on fraud visas, but they are being illegally trained by American workers in corporations.

That’s all illegal under both Title 8, and US fraud laws.

What corporate America and India Inc staffing comapnies are doing is criminal fraud to suppress wages.

As for racial prejudice, well, WaPo better check into InfoSys, and the Indian Mafia and how they target every white American tech worker for removal from the workforce.

If WaPo had any journalistic cred at all, it would run stories like ComputerWorld did detailing how companies such as InfoSys target Americans for removal.

Criminal wage fixers Tom Donahue + Alan Greenspan need to be arrested now.

Rigging wages, like rigging prices, under US law is a felony.

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