Kevin Lynn of interviews Adele Smith on her new website

Kevin Lynn of US Techworkers interviews Adele Smith on her new website

HR.1044 (H.R.1044 – “Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act of 2019”) which is being backed by India Incs, their foreign lobbyists, and is sponsored by Utah Senators Mike Lee and CA Senator Kamala Harris.

HR.1044 would remove all country caps from green cards + give nearly all green cards to one nation – India – for the next 6 years.

There is nothing fair about HR.1044. It’s all for India, zero for everyone else. Indian nationals already dominate nearly every tech job in the US. STEM hiring in the US is already lopsided and incredibly unfair to the Americans who built all these tech companies.

Harris is backed by illegal unregistered foreign agent from India, Sanjay Puri and his USIN-PAC foreign lobby. Both of Harris’ parents are foreign born and her mother is from India.

It appears Puri may be an unregistered agent of the gov’t of India as he has met with Indian president Modi many times.

Foreign powers seek to change our immigration laws so we can be overrun and overwhelmed by cheap foreign labor.

Why are foreign lobbies allowed to back candidates in America? That is foreign election tampering, and is illegal under US law.

Call + email your congresspeople today and demand HR.1044 be stopped.

There is nothing “fair” about this law. It is a 100% India-first law + will deprive more Americans of good jobs.

There are already 100,000’s of not-so-temporary guest workers from India in a non-existent “green card backlog” who want to live in the US permanently.

As Trump said, “America is full and we can’t take you”.

If you want to talk foreign collusion, then we should all be demanding investigations into Sanjay Puri, Mike Lee, and Kamala Harris.

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