US Techworkers asks: ‘Is the New Immigration Proposal Truly Merit-Based or Just a Repackaging of Foreign Labor Dumping?’

‘Dumping’ (providing goods or services below cost, or rigging prices or markets) is a Federal crime under US law.

But that is exactly what cheap foreign labor is in the US – dumping.

“President Donald Trump in his May 16, 2019, immigration policy speech alluded to, but did not specifically refer to, as he did in his May 20, 2019, Pennsylvania speech, Buy American and Hire American.

This was surprising, since Buy American and Hire American were part of Trump’s cardinal campaign promises and addressed in an early (April 2017) Executive Order. This seemed an obvious omission from his new policy introduction if the president is indeed serious about Hire American. The new proposal supports the continued flow of foreign workers, just with a different spin on what type of workers, and no reduction in foreign numbers”.

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