Visas for ‘the brilliant’ is Kushner Code for replacing you

WND, like most of America, has figured out that foreign guest worker visas have nothing to do with skills or being “brilliant” (after all, Americans, not foreign workers created Silicon Valley and all the huge successful American tech companies).

It’s all about cheap labor + making 3rd world workers feel important (inclusivity) in an effort to keep world peace and provide a cheap labor pipeline to greedy corporate America.

Kushner’s new “immigration plan” is just more of the same cheap labor from other countries, mostly India, so America’s wealth can be redistributed to the rest of the world.

Americans get sold out again, Trump lied, and nothing will be done.

Those “brilliant” people from other countries are here to rob us, remit dollars back home, and steal all our trade secrets. Just ask organized crime Indian Mafia trade secret thieves Tata Consultancy Services, or the Chinese industrial spies arrested by Apple for stealing their autonomous car secrets.

Promises NOT kept, Mr. President.

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