Dan Rather Reports: Jobless in America

Dan Rather has the integrity to expose what is really going on in America – why people are jobless, what it driving it, and why America has so many problem.

It wasn’t like this 20 years ago when American workers ran the economy.

There’s even a segment on Indian Outsourcing.

The number of jobless US tech workers is grossly underestimated. It’s not 20,000, it’s 2 million or more. In the past 20 years the US has imported over 1.8 million temporary H-1B workers, a million of whom never left and are now waiting for green cards. Millions of American lives are being destroyed.


“Over the last year, Dan Rather Reports has been telling the stories of workers in the high-tech world – stories from the trenches, stories of workers both homegrown and from halfway across the world. Theirs are the tales of a brave new world of work, a realm where corporations, staffing companies and recruiters are constantly on the prowl — scouring the planet for talent that is better, brighter, younger…and cheaper.

These workers say that the concept of job security has given way to brutal contest of survival — teeming with ever-new breeds of temporary workers from overseas who need to hang on to their jobs in order to stay in the country. Getting displaced, undercut and swapped out, they say, has simply become the reality of today’s global job market. Business is business, labor is expendable. And it’s all perfectly legal”.

Except that it isn’t. America actually has very strict worker protection laws against foreign labor such as Title 8, Section 1182 Inadmissible Aliens, which isn’t being enforced because the cheap labor lobby in DC lobbies the gov’t not to enforce those laws.

If we lived in a global job market as claimed, Americans would be allowed to move to China + India by the millions to take tech jobs.

But that’s not allowed in today’s “global job market”. It’s a global job market for Asians, and for Mexicans, and other people from south and central America, but not for US citizens.

Americans are simply being engineered out of existence.

Big business and their lobby always get their way. The US Chamber of Commerce is now the biggest lobby in DC.

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