Millennials really are suffering – Does India News know India caused it?

How quickly people forget.

In 1998, when millenials were just small children, or young teenagers, the US was booming, had zero problems, no unemployment, almost no homeless problems, everything was great. GenX, which grew up on tech and video games made the econ boom.

Back then America was promised that the mass invasion of foreign workers would “help keep the US economy going”, and as then-Vice President Al Gore said “Provide vast economic benefits for Americans”.

Well, the exact opposite has happened. A million+ foreign workers a year have caused severe economic hardship for Americans of all ages, but especially for millenials. Mainly due to remittances and job + industry theft, not to mention mass invasion + targetting American workers for removal from the workplace, foreign staffing companies set up by millions of the invaders are insuring Americans do not get hired.

Wages have been driven down while inflation has gone up.

It is getting harder and harder to make it in America as a result.

Funny thing is, the site that reported this, News India, doesn’t even seem to know India is the cause of the problems – and even caused the 2008 financial collpase which the US still has not recovered from.

Kind of hard to “pay down your student debt” when the India Incs are keeping you out of the job market, deliberately.

“So it’s refreshing to read a book by a right-of-center author who takes the side of the generation born from 1981 through 1996. The millennials aren’t whiners, Wall Street Journal editorialist Joseph Sternberg writes in “The Theft of a Decade”: They have legitimate complaints about economic trends that have hit them particularly hard”.

He should have named it “Theft of Two Decades“, since that is how long India + China have been looting the US economy.

Millenials will probably never understand the forces which are harming them, and thus, are in little position to do anything about it. GenX’ers, now in their 50’s knows the score, however, but no longer have any voice or position in the workplace, and so can’t help millenials do anything about it, either.

America is seems, may be lost for good – which is what Asia’s real intent was all along, from the late 1990’s onward.

No American millenial can prosper in the US economy, today, with the above going on. They simply will never be hired as most companies are now full of 98% foreign workers. It’s no surprise millenials are suffering, India. You are the cause.

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