San Francisco: An Expensive, Shit-Coverd Cesspool Marked By Crime And Depression – Zero Hedge

It is really sad what 20 years of mass invasion by 3rd world guest workers has done to San Francisco + CA.

20 years ago, at the height of the American-worker run dot-com boom, San Francisco + N. California was a paradise and the envy of the world.

Americans were promised that the mass invasion of 3rd world workers would be a boon to the US and to CA.

The exact opposite has happened.

CA is now unlivable and people are fleeing it in droves.

The armies of foreign workers didn’t perform as promsied, and they sure haven’t been good for CA or the Bay Area. It has been nothing but decline for 20 years.

The reality is, as Peter Brimelow warned us in his book Alien Nation in 1995: “These people are here to take from us“.

Between billions remitted out of the country annually by 3rd world workers, and our jobs and industries being stolen and moved offshore by them, CA + the US may not survive.

We’re being siphoned – heavily, and “asset stripped” as the globalists like to call it.

It’s a shame what happened to CA – the most beautiful state in the US.

Why, as Americans, do we value so little, the treasure we have been entrusted with?

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