This Might Be Where The Very First Total Nuclear War Starts – Zero Hedge

And that very reason is why the US would never allow trade with either country from the end of WW2 until Bill Clinton reversed the policy of containment in 1998 and opened up trade with India.

India is a violent, criminal nation, possibly the bigest nightmare nation on the planet – a hellhole of crime and barbarity. Funding these people by giving them out jobs and industry will only lead to a nuclear military buildup and eventually nuclear war.

America will have to re-learn the policy of not Trading with Enemies, just as it did in the 1930s, after which WW2 broke out as a result. It was Japan and Germany then, today it will be India + China, and probably the entire world.

Except this time it will be nuclear.

History teaches us the policy of appeasement leads to disaster.

England’s Prime Minister in the 1920’s thought Hitler could be reasoned with, but England and all of Europe learned the hard way, that policy leads to disaster.

Today, history is repeating itself.

Undoubtedly, for nearly two decades the most dangerous place on Earth has been the Indian-Pakistani border in Kashmir. It’s possible that a small spark from artillery and rocket exchanges across that border might  –  given the known military doctrines of the two nuclear-armed neighbors  –  lead inexorably to an all-out nuclear conflagration. In that case the result would be catastrophic. Besides causing the deaths of millions of Indians and Pakistanis, such a war might bring on “nuclear winter” on a planetary scale, leading to levels of suffering and death that would be beyond our comprehension”.

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