Oz bank sues Infosys for copyright breach

India Inc organized crime shops are being sued left + right.

Criminal loot shop InfoSys is being sued by an Australian bank for copyright infringement.

The west had better wake up to the criminal nature of India and its organized crime “global staffing agencies”. These people get into western companies and start their criminal operations, nearly unopposed. They have billions of our money now to fend of any lawsuits and win, so their criminal activity continues.

In US, InfoSys is tearing through every US company it can get its hands on and targetting Americans for removal from the workforce.

In the above cas, it looks like the looters wrote some bad software for one bank, then illegally recycled the code for another bank, which amounts to IP theft and copyright infringement.

Not all software is licensed under the communist GPL or MIT open source license. In many mainland Asian countries, which were communist for decades, the idea of theft does not exist – people simply steal anything they want and think there’s nothing wrong with doing so.

Maybe some day the western business establishment will wake up, but the question is: when?


“The case before the Federal Court of Australia alleges Infosys may have acted in breach of confidence and infringed copyright after producing similar software for Australian Military Bank (AMB).

The Indian IT major initially produced documents in relation to consent orders that were delivered on December 20, but Qudos is seeking court orders to obtain more documentation from the Infosys relating to source code of the Qudos UAT site hosted by Infosys and a copy of the online and banking platform developed for Qudos”.

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