Indian migrants say Italy needs them despite rise of far-right

No, Italy doesn’t need them.

I has been amazing to watch how India, a nation which cannot keep 900 million of its own people employed, or even pick up its own trash has forced itself on other countries – against their will.

The reality is Indians desperately need jobs, and the jobs aren’t in India. So India is dumping its unemployed into the rest of the world to take jobs from locals.

No country needs these people – they need those countries’ jobs.

And seeing Trump’s new crackdown on H-1B and H-4 visas in 71% Indian-occupied Silicon Valley and tech in the US, they are scrmabling to find jobs in other countries.

Any other countries.

“SABAUDIA, Italy (Reuters) – Indian migrants working near Rome say Italy’s far-right politicians may talk about curbing immigration but they say the European nation cannot manage without their cheap labor.

“Politicians in order to win votes keep saying things like, ‘We Italians’, ‘Italians first’, ‘Our people’,” said Gurmukh Singh, 47, head of the Indian Community Association”.

Odd – the west would not even allow trade with the looter nation of India until 1998 – and the west was doing just fine without them.

Indians have only been in the west in large numbers for 20 years. How did western civilization and America with its 500 years history get built without these people.

“Lacks the talent, needs Indians, cheap labor”, blah, blah, blah. Americans heard the same thing 20 years ago out of defamatory India Inc conman Azim Premji – even though it was Americans who built Silicon valley and made the US economy boom in the 1990s.

India is a parasite nation which forces it way into any other unsuspecting country and drains it until the people have had enough and elect leaders who will actually eject them.

India – eventually you are going to run out of countries to invade + are going to have to make your own country work.

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