Japan cracks down on disappearing international students

What the international students really want of couse, are jobs.

International study is the 2nd biggest international socialist wealth redistribution scam in the world, after work visas.

This is how it started too 20-30 years ago in America – first a little, then a lot, then a tidal wave.

The foreign students come in, claim to be studying, then disappear and get jobs, taking those jobs from locals. No one knows where they are. Once the number of people doing this reaches critical mass, the natives are done for.

In the US it’a now in the millions of such people. In Japan, it’s just beginning.

This article shows the perils of opening your borders to people from countries which have been proven unproductive, and even downright criminal.

Worse, over time the foreign students become emboldened, start their own politicial groups, and their own foreign staffing agenices, and then bring more people in – falsely claiming they can’t find enough “talent” locally.

Productive countries are being looted by the 3rd world.

“Student visas” are a mass looting conduit for the 3rd world.


“Japan’s universities and language schools are coming under government scrutiny over the way they recruit, vet and monitor foreign students as the numbers ‘disappearing’ from institutions where they enrolled have increased dramatically.

In 2017, the Japanese Ministry of Justice said that dozens of foreign students who had enrolled in universities were found to have remained illegally in Japan after their student visa had expired.

Notably, the country’s foreign student policy has been rocked by a major scandal reported in March 2019 concerning the disappearance of more than 700 foreign students who stopped attending classes at Tokyo University of Social Welfare and had been out of contact with the university for nearly a year despite being enrolled in that academic year’s programme”.

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