US government move may hit H-1B visa holders the most

Well, turnabout is fair play as they say.

Or in India, simply known as karma.

India Inc foreign staffing RICO mafia firms have been targetting and removing Americans from the tech companies they built for over 20 years, in a mass, systematic ethnic cleansing.

India, you really didn’t think you’d get away with this organized crime on Americans forever did you?

Silicon Valley, built by Americans, is now 71% foreign worker occupied, mostly by India Inc looters.

Party’s over, thieves.

Temporary guest workers who bought houses in the US when they shouldn’t have are all going to lose them now. Without the 2nd income from H4 software test wives, they won’t be able to pay their huge mortgages in Silicon Valley. Most of them will be forced to leave the US as a result.

Too bad for them.

It took 20 years for Americans who had their lives destroyed, as the wheels of justice turn slowly.

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