WND – Foreign workers suck $150 billion in remittances out of the US every year

Aside from trade theft and industrial spying, remittances by foreign workers are the biggest drag on the US economy there is.

$150 billion would be spent annually into the US economy if those jobs were held by Americans – creating more sales, more profits, more hiring, and more jobs.

Instead foreign looters come to the US to “Die for dollars” because when those dollars are exchanged into 3rd world currencies, they are worth a king’s ransom.

The average Indian H-1B works 6 years in the US, returns home to India at 30 with $400,000 USD in their Indian bank account, builds a luxury villa and retires for life rich.

American workers who built all the companies now occupied by foreign workers are kicked onto the streets into homelessness for their effort.

Not a bad deal for foreign workers, eh? Loads of free money + profits off the backs of other nations – and we’re not talking small amounts of wealth.

Trump was right when he said let’s outlaw remittances and see if they still want to come here.


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