Americans Replaced by Foreign H-1Bs: ‘There’s No Shortage’ of U.S. Workers – Breitbart

Of course there isn’t – it’s all cheap labor lobby lies from day #1. In fact there is a surplus of US workers. Big biz and their Chamber of Commerce lobby knows it is illegal under Title 8 to import any foreign workers if Americans are unemployed.

So they have to keep the shortage shouting going in order to avoid prosecution.

Even MIT – the world’s #1 tech university admitted there is no shortage.

Jason Moyer22 days ago

350 million people in this country. There is no way we have to look outside the country for workers. The lie that we need tech workers is just that a lie. The biggest lie of all is americans don’t want to do any work from manual labour to technology.13 ReplyShare ›

    • Powderhound Jason Moyer22 days ago Exactly!
      That’s just the narrative they decided on the “tagline” used to sell this bs to us without any pushback.
      Anyone with any sense knows it’s all about maximizing profit and hiding the fact that they’re screwing the working class ….once again!”
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