Cut off India’s visas, their growth slows down

India’s entire economy is basically driven by the H-1b visa scam and the remitances it provides it workers who come to the US to “loot and remit” dollars back to India, which are worth a fortune.

As soon as we start restricting their visas, their economy is in trouble.

You can’t “grow” an economy by siphoning other countries, no matter how hard you try. You have to eventually actually produce something to sell, and that’s not fake fraud visa workers without the skills claimed.

“Now that the general election is over, the time has come to pay serious attention to the economy. The national income numbers continue to be controversial. No serious policy decision can be taken with ambiguous numbers. Nevertheless, even with the new official numbers it is clear that growth is slowing down. As in the revised new base estimates, the growth rate in 2016-17 was 8.2%; in 2018-19 it was 7%. Accelerating economic growth must be on top of the agenda of the new government. It is only a fast growing economy that will generate the surpluses which are necessary to address many of our socio-economic problems and to provide social safety nets”.

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