Just a fact that Trump immigration policies have torn apart families + led to deaths

But no one cares about the tens of millions of displaced US tech workers, some of whom have comitted suicide, or are living on the streets, or out of cargo trailers – all in thanks for giving the world the internet and computers.

You cannot escape karma. You reap what you sow.


H-1B Death Row


American citizens who have died due to H-1B + other illegal work visas destroying their livlihoods.

Kevin Flanagan (Bank of America) – Suicide


John Phillips (formerly Apple, Inc, co-creator of the original Mac Plus). Went homeless + died in 2007 because he could no longer find a job in the STEM field thanks to H-1B and L-1 work visa invasion.

Expereinced software designer Geoffrey Corbis applied to 481 software engineering jobs but was denied all of them by the Indian Mafia.

He killed himself in his car.

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