She wasn’t even old enough during the dot-com boom in the 1990s to know who really built the US and tech economy.

It was Americans, not H-1Bs or foreign workers.

“I did something today that I hardly ever get to do. I told someone on an #H1B that they were getting the job. He told me he wanted to jump out of his car and scream. I had tears in my eyes. Why? Because 99% of my clients tell me upfront: “we don’t sponsor” “No visa sponsorship” “No H1b” And I get it. For a small business it’s expensive and a huge risk. In my position, I have to go with what they tell me – and before you lecture me on how many truly qualified #americans want these engineering jobs let me just tell you – I have messaged ALL OF THEM and they don’t. H1B holders are the backbone of our #technology #economy. H1B holders are not only the best of the best from their countries, they have decided to bring their skills to make our country better. They’ve left their homes and families, come to a strange new place and still have the grace to share their skills, to make our technological workforce function and to train and mentor thousands of Americans in high-tech, high skilled jobs. These people are your co-workers, your neighbors and your kids go to school together. And we would not be where we are without H1B labor. So thank you to those of you on these frustrating work visas. Days like today are rare but I’ve got your back. Need Help @10%? ping me.”

Complete lies.

Name one programming language or major technology invented by those foreign “backbone” workers, Ms. Johnson.

There aren’t any. Not even one. It was all created by Americans mostly.

Millions of American engineers who are being run out of jobs in America by the Indian Mafia targeting them want these jobs. Millions of them.

Has she ever even heard the words “remittances” or “industrial espionage”?

India + China are laughing at how “stupid Americans” like this are advocating for their own national suicide.

She’s just a leftist pro-invader wealth redistributionist who is ignorant of history.

Now let’s have a look at who really built the US economy long before these invaders arrived.

Shall we? – All Americans

All Americans.

Early Apple, almost all Americans. Steve is shown 2nd row from the top, left of center.×900/2016/03/31/c41c44be-e8af-443f-bc08-ea40e9a341a4/cm83macteamphoto.jpg

In 1998 the US had:

  • Full employment
  • No homeless problem
  • No drug problem
  • A federal and state tax surplus
  • Very few problems

Then came the armies of industrial spies in 2000 and job robbers to run Americans out of their jobs. Now we have all of the above, except that we’re $22 trillion in debt, thanks to remittances and foreign visa workers not paying income taxes.

They caused the 2002 and 2008 economic collapses.

Lehman was driven under by outsourcing to Wipro.

So was Bear Sterns.

Citibank, which had to be bailed out by an American taxpayer, had an Indian CEO, Vikram Pandit, who offshored most Citi jobs to India. And it collapsed.

Then there’s the case of the highly ahem…. “talented” Fannie Mae UNIX server engineer who planted logic bomb code on 4000 FM servers, and who is now serving 12 years in a Federal pen for it.

You know, bringing skills like that, right Ingrid?

American taxpayers whom you won’t hire had to bail all those companies destroyed by foreign workers out – or they, and probably the entire banking system would be gone.

Do you remember 2008 Ms. Johnson? How old were you then?

Or that 71% Indian-run IBM is now being sued by 4 states for over $100 million each, including a $170 million lawsuit by the state of PA for fraud.

Really skilled + talented.

No, really.

Not to mention taxes lost when US busineses go under when they are driven out of business by foreign industrial spies.

They come here to get trained and move our jobs offshore.

Americans train foreign workers, not the other way around, Ms. Johnson.

And you are helping them.

As usual these dumb millenial snowflakes live in a fantasyland which has no basis in reality.

We are being conquered.

The little child recruiter better wake up, and fast.

And someone better inform Ms. Johnson about Title 8, Section 1182 Inadmissible Aliens. She just hired an H-1B illegally and doesn’t even know it.