Xi Invites World To Join China In Building New Internet

Oh, this will turn out well.

China not only wants to rule the world, it wants total control over the internet – worldwide, in which the state and its corporations control all media + infomation.

Since the 2016 US election was lost by China and India, and won by free thinkers such a Julian Assange and Alex Jones, the communist world powers + US pols don’t quite know what to do.

China was totally unprepared for a US without a Chinese agent in the White House, Hillary Clinton being their main one.

China is furious it has lost control and manipulation of the US, as is India. India now manipulates and controls most AI – every communist leader’s dream come true.

A world with a China-run internet would be the end of free speech and peoples’ voices forever.

China is not only the world’s #1 industrial thief, it now wants to steal the entire internet.

It’s not a “conspiracy” if they really are trying to ensalve you.

Isn’t that right Xi?


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