American People Need a ‘Bailout’

That’s right, everyone from foreign not-so-temporary guest workers, to banks, to pols, to India Incs, everyone gets a system rigged in their favor, except for the the American worker.

It’s all a great big club, and you ain’t in it, as George Carlin once said…..

“As schoolchildren, my friends and I were very interested in archaeology and ancient civilizations. We read all the available books. My best friend intended to become an archaeologist and to explore ancient ruins about which we imagined more than we actually knew.

As far as I can discern, these days no one in the general population has any thoughts of Sumer, Babylonia, Assyria or Ur. For the American young, the 1940s, not 2,500 B.C., is the ancient past”.

Here’s why. Central bankers are jealous of anyone who makes more than they do. They want to hurt you. Really bad.

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