Tech Mahindra and MKI collaborate to develop solutions for Japanese market

No, desperate Indian Mafia needs to find new sources of intellectual property + trade secrets to loot out, and after US, Japan is full of them.

Joint ventures with Indian Mafia companies usually mean the kiss of death, as India Inc industrial spies steal trsde secrets, move the jobs + industry back to India, and put their dead hosts out of biz.

The biz-speak sounds fine on paper, but the true intent of Indian Mafia is to loot competitord + put them out of busincess once they have been sucked dry.

Expect to see some massive corporate collapses in Japan soon, like the 2008 Wall St. disaster created by outsourcing to India Incs.

Japan hasn’t been burned badly enough yet by Indian Mafia, but that is all about to change.

Tech Mahindra has nothing Japanese companies need, but Japanese companies sure have lots of trade secrets the Indian Mafia would love to steal.

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