Father of cowardly hit-and-run driver who fled to India after killing a teenager claims his son is the real victim and says Australia is a racist country

Ok so it’s The Mail, but the case is real.

When caught red-handed, as they usually are, they always scream “LOOK! OVER THERE!”.

As for racism, well, India takes the #1 spot on planet earth in that department.


“The father of Puneet Puneet, who fled to India after killing a 19-year-old student, has accused Australia of racism and said his son is the real victim. 

Naresh Kumar defended his son on Wednesday as the case for Puneet’s extradition drags out over 10 years after Dean Hofstee was fatally hit by a car the Indian national was driving. 

Mr Kumar called Australia a racist country and said his son ‘will not be treated fairly’ if he faced trial here, The Herald Sun reported”.

Not that the Indian Mafia tearing through every corner of the world isn’t racist either, especially when they target white people for removal from the job market.

In all liklihood, it’s simply a matter of Australians having had it with their jobs being robbed into oblivion by the racist Indian Mafia, such as InfoSys, shown below. 100% Indians.

InfoSys – 100% Indians. Racist + bigotted.

But don’t worry – it’s Australia that are the racists.

100% Indian Mafia company. But Australia are the racists. You would be racist too if some Indian Mafia company such as this one invaded your country and targeted you for removal from the workplace.

DesiOPT.com – 100% racist + bigoted.

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