Suhas Subramanyam, Indian American Democrat running for Virginia House of Delegates

Indian American? Why not just American?

He sure doesn’t look too temporary now does he?

Having successfully taken over Silicon Valley, robbed most US STEM jobs, killed American tech workers in some cases, and in general genocided 4-7 million US tech workers into the streets, now the Indian Mafia is moving in for the kill: to invade and take over all gov’t in the US.

We wonder how long it will be, or how much of a critical mass will have to be reached until most Americans, and elites, including the US Chamber of Commerce wake up to realize they too are being conquered.

Not to mention that foreign powers use organizations such as Planned Parenthood to make sure white Americans never outpopulate Asian races so that white America can be subsumed and enslaved by Asians.

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