Hertz Hits Back at Accenture, Accusing Firm of ‘Extortionate Conduct’

Extortionate? India Incs?

Nah, couldn’t be, they must be mistaken.

One day corporate America execs might wake up to the India Inc looting of US companies and all their failed projs, but apparently not – even after huge lawsuits such as this one, MillerCoors, and the State of PA vs. IBM.

One would think with all the BI flying around corporate execs would get wind of what a kiss of death doing biz with Indian Mafis looters is, but apparently not.

Enjoy your fails and losses, execs.


“Hertz does not merely claim that Accenture breached its agreement with Hertz; it specifically alleges that Accenture engaged in unfair, deceptive, and extortionate conduct.” – Brown Rudnick, Hertz’s law firm

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