America Was Terrified of China’s Nuclear Weapons. This Mach 3 Drone Spied on Them

Except that China couldn’t even get a rocket into space until the 1997 Bill Clinton export waivers for Loral and Hughes to sell ICBM launch tech to the Communist Chinese Party.

The CCP had the bomb since the 1950’s, but no way to deliver it to the US mainland.

In fact, Mao tried to buy Russian missiles from Kruschev in the 1960’s and when Kruschev asked him why wasn’t he worried about the sale causing a nuclear war, Mao replied “What do we care if we lose 300 million people – our women will make it up in one generation”.

Kruschev decided not to sell China the missile tech.

But in 1997, Communist Chinese Agent, and Manchurian Candidate Bill Clinton did just that.

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