Erosion of nations’ sovereignty must end, US defence chief Patrick Shanahan tells Asia forum

Yeah that’s right – globalization has been a one-sided scam all along – and the US has been suffering from it for over 20 years.

All the other nations of the world retain their soverignty and the right to protect their own interests, but the US, somehow is expected not to.

Well that all ends now.

The US is a soverign nation, with laws to be enforced, just like any other. Globalization is a fiction created in the late 1990’s by the Clintons, while in office, and by our enemies, China, India, and Russia.

The Grand Deception has nearly destroyed the US, and it’s time to end it now.

Yes, invest in yourselves, instead of living off of and looting other countries like parasites.

The United States does not seek conflict but coercive behaviour like China’s that erodes other nations’ sovereignty must end, acting secretary of defence Patrick Shanahan told an Asia security summit in Singapore on Saturday.

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