Laid Off GM Workers in OH Fed Up with Ruling Class: ‘Nobody Has Our Backs’ – Breitbart

And none of them probably realize that the reason why is because like so many other US companies, GM has been invaded by India Inc mafia industrial thieves who have one goal: to move US industry to India + put Americans out of work.

The new Indian CFO of GM didn’t waste any time making sure American workers got the axe.

Our industries are being looted by foreign powers, folks.

We need to stop letting foreign powers get their agents into the US and manipulate our companies.

Not everyone in the world is our friend or has our best interests at heart.

Wake up.

“Middle-class Americans whose livelihoods have been thrown off course after being laid off by General Motors (GM) in Lordstown, Ohio, are fed up with the country’s political and business ruling class in Washington, DC.

The GM plant closure is also expected to leave more than 8,000 American workers jobless in and around Lordstown as well as cut out about $8 billion in economic activity in the area. Already, more than 900 workers in supporting industries have been put out of work.”.

Connect the dots……….. here is the treacherous Indian Mafia plant who did it:

“On Wednesday General Motors announced that 39-year-old vice president of corporate finance, Dhivya Suryadevara, would replace current CFO Chuck Stevens, who has been working at the auto company longer than Suryadevara has been alive“.

As the late US President Richard Nixon once said:

“Indians are a slippery, treacherous people”.

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