Indian Mafia invades Japan via “startup” hype

“SAP to launch its first Asian startup incubator in Japan. German enterprise software giant unveils Chinese and Indian ambitions”.

“Foothold” is right. Foothold to takeover + invasion that is.

All Indian Mafia invasion is always done on the basis of “business” and “innovation”.

But invasion and takeover is their only true goal.

This is the same crap the Indian Mafia + twice-failed, once sued tech CEO Vivek “Fraudhwa” Wadhwa used to invade + take over Silicon Valley from the Americans who built it.

Japan is the world’s finest prize coveted by the Indian Mafia.

The congame goes something like this:

  • Promise to move Indian “genius” workers into a country with the promise of creating new startups, “unicorns”, etc.
  • Use existing taken over western companies which have cred to move Indian workers into other countries.
  • Promise “contributions to the economy”, economic expansion, job creation, etc.
  • Talk a good game and make huge promises about how the Indian Mafia invasion will be good for the locals.


The reality, and what actually happens is quite different:

  • Indian mafia moves into another country, where brilliant existing companies were created by locals.
  • Indian Mafia, unable to create its own great companies, lusts after companies built by other people.
  • Indian Mafia hires local PR firms and bribes local managers to push lies into local media saying there aren’t enough skilled workers, all Indians are IT geniuses, the economy will collapse w/o them, or locals are getting too old without Indian workers.
  • File for + get more work visas from the local gov’t for India Inc looter workers + industrial spies.
  • Move the faking fraud IQ82 Indian workers into the local nation’s companies, bribe/threaten the managers into compliance, get the dummies trained by the locals, then kick them out on the streets, claiming they are too dumb to do the job, even though they were the ones who built the company.
  • Takeover.
  • Move an entire army of Indian Mafia takeover artists in + bribe out all existing local managers who are older + facing retirement – lots of cash for the Indian mafia to get what it wants. Many local managers worried about their future, are happy to take the cash + retire.
  • Once the companies are taken over, move into politics, bribe local gov’t officials to get what the Indian Mafia wants.
  • Indian workers move all the local tech back to India, where they use it to start their own companies, even though all the work + R+D spending was done by locals.
  • Remit as much cash as possible back to India from the local economy via, Western Union, Remitly, etc. The local currency and the exchange rate are worth a fortune in India when converted.
  • After a decade or so of this looting + a collapsed local economy, publish articles claiming the locals are a “nation of losers”, even though it was the Indian Mafia who manipulated the once-great local nation into oblivion.

It’s all done with a straight face – and by manipulating existing countries’ visas + laws to achieve invasion + takeover – silently, quietly, insidiously. Indians think “being smart” means maninuplating others, not building or creating things.

The Indian menance is possibly the most dangerous threat to the world today.

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