Modi faces tougher challenge as India’s economy slows to 5-year low


Wait…… why is the world’s sooper dooper tech genius hub slowing?

All those H-1Bs + H-4s returning home should mean India’s growth increasing, not slowing.

Well…… it’s all a con.

Without the wealth-siphoning, industrial secret-stealing, remittance looting work visas into successful countries, India’s economy will collapse.

Most of India’s entire economy is based on looting other countries via work visas + remittances.

Takeover what others built, loot them out, move it all back to India.

While you can.

Cut off their parasite visas, and down they go in an instant.

Come on India – you are the world’s “innovation hub” + super IT geniuses – putting all that brainpower to work to make your econ grow should be child’s play.

So what’s the problem?

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