Quest Diagnostics says nearly 12 million patients may have been affected by data breach

Another US company and millions of US consumers looted by the criminal thief nation of India.

Just like Equifax, Target, and the World Bank. In fact, years ago World Bank had to BAN Indian Mafia organized crime syndicate Wipro and other Indian Mafia outfits because they stole data.

Cost cutting is sooooooo good for us…..

“Quest Diagnostics said Monday Opens a New Window. nearly 12 million patients’ personal information, including Social Security Opens a New Window. numbers and credit card information Opens a New Window. , may have been compromised after one of its billing collections providers reported a data breach”.

“Quest is outsourcing their IT”

World Bank bans any business with Wipro, Megasoft

Internationally wanted criminal thief and Wipro founder, Azim Premji, and his criminal thief son, Rashid, now CEO of white collar crime syndicate, Wipro.

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