The Case of the Friendly Neighborhood Spy

Our enemies back in the late 1970’s never could have imagined the huge scale of the H-1B and H-4 industrial spy programs that have been pulled off on America today.

Back then a few foreign industrial spies here and there managed to steal a few of our trade secrets but the theft was limited.

Today millions of them are inside our top companies including Apple + Tesla, and others, stealing everything they can to send back to their failed communist states.

“Recruitment of U.S. Engineer Four Decades Ago a Warning for Today”

“Marian Zacharski was young, charming, and handsome. In his mid-20s, he was a sales rep and rising star in the U.S. operations of the Polish American Machinery Corporation and was living a leisurely life in the suburbs of Los Angeles in the late 1970s.

He was also a spy.

Zacharski was an “illegal”—a foreign intelligence agent living on U.S. soil, operating undercover and unknown to American authorities, much like the Russian spies arrested by the FBI in 2010 that partly inspired the television drama The Americans.

In 1977, Zacharski was sent to California by the Polish government, then an Eastern bloc country working in concert with the Soviet Union, to uncover military and industrial secrets in the aerospace industry”.

Today foreign enemies open entire companies in the US to jam their industrial thieves into US companies to loot everything they can.

No one does a thing about it, least of all the US gov’t.

Internationally wanted corporate industrial thief, Ratan Tata, above, and below, left.

Indian/Chinese double-agent, Hillary Clinton.

America’s companies are full of foreign industrial thieves, mainly from India + China.

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