Your Facebook, Twitter Mandatory For US Visa Application; Can H1B Spouses Be Able To Work Again?

Not if you’re an anti-America racist hate-spewer on Twitter, such as Desi Immigration News.

You’re never going to work in the USA again with this kind of garbage going on.

“Previously, only applicants who needed additional vetting , like people who had been to parts of the world controlled by terrorist groups, would need to hand over this data. Now, everyone travelling to the US to work or study will have to submit this information. The government is putting this off as a matter to strengthen the national security and assess visa applications, to ensure the safety of US citizens”.

Terrorist groups?

India Incs are the biggest economic terrorist groups in the US today – tearing through US companies + targeting every American they can for removal.

Some Americans have even gone homeless and died or committed suicide because of what the Indian mafia is doing in the US.

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