Democrat Candidates Urge Cheap Labor Forever – Breitbart

Well, that’s because at least 5 of them are actually foreign agents of India – and backed by illegal unregistered foregin agent Sanjay Puri, and his foreign USIN-PAC, which should be shut down for election tampering.

Not to mention they are all in the pockets of the US Chamber of Commerce, + corporate America.

India, being the most jealous nation on earth, doesn’t want Americans making any money, or having a middle class life.

They want all Americans poor, and other than stealing jobs + industry on US soil, that is the main reason they are all here.

Over on USIN-PAC’s site, Sanjay Puri doesn’t even try to hide that USIN-PAC is backing at least 5 of the leading democrat candidates, and one of them, Cory Booker, has hired loads of India Inc agents, who are all illegal unregistered foreign agents.

Gotta keep the cheap labor pipeline rolling, as Michelle Malkin said.

Wage-fixing, BTW, is a Federal crime.

“Democratic candidates for the White House are promising to give business donors an endless supply of cheap immigrant labor that would forever cut off Americans’ reach for higher wages“.

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