Homelessness jumps 12% in L.A. County + 16% in the city; officials ‘stunned’


“In a hard reality check for Los Angeles County’s multibillion-dollar hope of ending homelessness, officials reported Tuesday that the number of people living on the streets, in vehicles and in shelters increased by about 12% over last year”.

Why should they be stunned?

In cooperation with cheap labor Chamber of Commerce, they caused it.

They did nothing to stop the India Inc mafia cheap labor invasion + execs who do things like this:

And then they wonder why homelessness is soaring when Americans are being driven out of the workforce by armines of India Inc invaders.

No mystery.

Only real mystery is either 1) why pols can’t figure out why, and 2) why the American people continue to sit idly by and do nothing about it.

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