New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker recruits slew of Indian-Americans for White House run

At least 5 US 2020 pres. candidates are being run and backed by a foreign power – India – and its main US lobby, USIN-PAC and its illegal unregistered agent, Sanjay Puri.

The Indian Mafia is tampering with US elections + attempting to install one of its agents in the White House in 20202.

This would be a total disaster for the US.

India’s real goal is to end all immigration laws in the US and open the US to a flood of unlimited Indians.

The US is being manipulated by India and the thing it wants more than anything is a US president it controls, much as the Communist Chinese Party put the Clintons in office in the 1990’s.

We need to shut down USIN-PAC right now since it is a foreign agent meddling in and tampering with our elections.

Looks like Shwetika Baijal is also an unregistered foreign agent – probably working for USIN-PAC also.

“Born in New Delhi, raised in Bombay, completed high school in the San Francisco Bay Area, went to college in Boston, and worked (so far) in Boston, New York City, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Virginia, and Hawaii”.

Where is the DHS?

Over on her site she equates poverty with murder, but no one appears to have informed such millenials that anyone can escape poverty via hard work + honesty if they really want to. Like all millenials, and Indian Millenials in particular, she wants a free ride off the backs of others.

WHY is the US gov’t not doing anything about the foreign agents crawling all over our gov’t?

Unregistered foreign agent, Sanjay Puri, right, and Indian Prime Minister Modi, left. Why is Puri’s USIN-PAC allowed to tamper with US elections when he is an unregistered foreign agent?

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