Rep. Perry’s Fiery Tiananmen Speech: ‘Apologists for Communism… Work Right Within the Halls’ of Congress – Breitbart

“On Tuesday, the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square protests, the Congressional-Executive Commission on China and the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission held a joint hearing on Capitol Hill. During the hearing, Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) applauded President Donald Trump for addressing the “existential threat, clear and present danger that is China.”

“The apologists for communism and totalitarianism work right within the halls of this government today,” the congressman explained, warning: “We must recognize where we are. For every action that China takes in Tibet, there should be an action from the United States… in Taiwan, in Hong Kong…”

Yes, that’s right. Our gov’t is full of foreign agents.

The Clintons themselves are Communist Chinese Agents + were put in office by illegal campaign donations from the Communist Chinese Party funneled through a buddist temple to then-VP Al Gore, who is still walking around free instead of being in prison, or executed for treason, as he should be.

Once installed, the Clintons didn’t waste any time giving all our industry away to China, and selling them our nuclear ICBM rocket tech via Loral and Hughes export waivers, which Mr. Clinton signed with glee.

No wonder the US economy has such trouble with this level of treason going on.

The Rosenbergs were put to death in the 1950s for less.

China Was Bill Clinton’s Russia. In 1996, a foreign government didn’t just meddle, it donated.

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