Taking on China: Administration zeros in on spying, including student agents

Yeah, that’s right – international students are the biggest conduit for industrial spies into the US. Many US companies including Apple + Tesla have been burned by foreign industrial spies stealing their trade secrets.

US corporations don’t learn their lesson and keep importing them, tho, for cheap labor, leading to more industrial theft.

That and the H-1B industrial spy program are looting America blind.

Not to mention foreign students take up all the seats in US universities, which block American students from attentending.

We need a military action now to end this looting of the US.

“Last June, the U.S. State Department said it would limit the visas for Chinese students studying science and engineering”.

Good. We need to make sure our own kids get those seats and learn engineering so we can keep tech in our own country instead of giving it away to foreign countries.

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