Donald Trump Jr: Biden ‘Incentivized’ to Dismiss China Threat Because ‘His Son Took $1.5 Billion’ from China – Breitbart

Wow, shocking.

That amounts not just to bribery, but treason also.

The reality is most of our pols are taking foreign $ from foreign governments.

US is full of foreign-run PAC’s which are nothing more than illegal unregistered foreign agents. China + India top the list:

  • Communist Chinese Party
  • Sanjay Puri of USIN-PAC
  • Immigration Voice
  • The Clintons (CCP agents installed in 1990’s)
  • Many other immigrant groups and non-immigrant groups and candidates.

From USIN-PAC’s website we can see no less than 6 of the 2020 presidential candidates are under foreign control and are unregistered foreign agents.

Why is Sanjay Puri still walking around instead of being arrested for US election tampering?

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