Trump: I Always Liked Ronald Reagan — Except on Trade – Breitbart

People have forgotten that it was Reagan who saved the US from the Japanese onslught of autos + electronics in the late 1970s which decimated those US industries.

Reagan told Honda: “If you want to sell your cars here, you have to build a plant here and employ our people“.

Imagine Trump saying that to India Inc mafia invasion and H-1B genocide firms today.

Reagan also put 100% tariffs on all Japanese imported cars and electronics since those companies get gov’t subsidies from Japan’s Ministry of Trade to dump products into foreign markets below cost, which is a violation of WTO rules – what China is doing today.

If not for Reagan’s reforms, the US auto + electronics industries would have died in the 1980s. In fact, electronics mostly did – until the personal computer revolution of the late 1970’s + mid-80’s.

That industry too has now been offshored + stolen from Americans who created it, thanks to the free trade of the Clintons in the 1990’s.

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