Azim Premji, Wipro looter extraordinaire to call it a day after 53 years

Not really 53 years.

He’s only been looting the US tech economy since 1998 which means only 21 years.

Before that he was a cooking oil salesman.

Most likely he’s afraid of the US proceeding with extradition for his crimes on America including destroying Lehman Bros. in 2008 and causing the 2008 Wall St. collapse, which was really caused by India Inc companies replacing American workers.

He also criminally defamed US tech workers on MSNBC in 2012 by saying “America does not have the talent”, when clearly America does since it was Americans who built Silicon Valley.

Defamation is a crime under US law.

Mr. Premji, in fact, is an internationally wanted criminal.

Rishad Premji has very big shoes to fill at Wipro

Can he keep up the same level of looting the US tech economy as his dad did?

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