CIS: ‘On H-1B, Modi Can Have His Political Cake and Eat It, Too’

“By David North on June 6, 2019

The largest group of H-1B workers, all college grads, is from India; (China provides the next largest group). The government of India, led by newly re-elected Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his BJP party, has consistently pressed the United States to preserve this program, and is resisting the Trump administration’s announced plans to terminate work permits for spouses of H-1Bs; these people (93.4 percent of them are women) have H-4 visas, and a very high percentage of them are from India”.

Why do we allow foreign powers to dictate our immigrat policy?

America and the US gov’t is for the American people.

Indians already have a country.

In fact, Indian H-4 software test wives want to conquer us.

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