Japan has restricted foreign ownership in its info + communication sector effective Aug. 1

This is how Japan deals with armies of incoming looters.

Zero delay.

Instant protection of its industries.

It sees the Indian Mafia coming, and put restrictons in place instantly.


“Our companies do not have much revenue from Japan, but they have been acquiring some companies there. So, prima facie, it appears that the regulation may not have an adverse impact”.

No, that’s because you haven’t been there long. Japan just put a stop to your attempts to get more “business” (i.e. looting) from Japan, and now you’re blocked.

You won’t be “impacted” because the mass looting has been stopped before it could begin.

The Japanese are not fools, unlike America.

The very first thing the Indian mafia would do in Japan would be to buy up a bunch of local “staffing” companies, fire all its Japanese workers, flood the place with fraud India Inc recruiters, steal all the Japanese resumes it can, paste Indians’ names on them, then cry to the Japanese gov’t that it can’t find enough skilled workers.

That ends now since they won’t be able to buy up existing Japanese companies.

Japan does the same with it’s media – 5% max foreign ownership or control.

When will the US learn?

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