NASSCOM startups travel to Tokyo + raise capital from Japanese VCs

In other words, time to loot Japan.

Having sucked the US dry + drained most of her industries, Indian Mafia looters have set their sights on the jeweled prize of Japan.

When you hear “Indian startups” all you need to know is that they mean Indian “global staffing companies” which invade other countries’ companies, target all locals for removal, and jam millions of remittance-hungry India Inc looters into their companies to siphon the companies into the ground.

They did it in Silicon Valley in 2002, and on Wall St in 2008, collapsing both, destroying great American companies such as Lehman and Sun Microsystems in the process.

Japan is their next target.

You better bet the very next thing we’ll be hearing is that Japan doesn’t have enough skilled workers.

Anywhere there are productive, fine, professional people, who actually build + produce things, the looter Indian Mafia will make its way in, and decimiate everything in sight.

Japan, like America, will soon be reduced to 3rd world status, thanks to the Indian Mafia organized crime syndicates.

The “startup ecosystem” hype is just a big ruse. It’s all about looting, in the end. Japan’s VC will be sucked dry, India will make off with a fortune, and bewildered Japanese will wonder what happened to their once beautiful country.

Check out the Indian Mafia biz-speak:

“The next leap in India-Japan economic engagement would come through collaboration in innovation and startup ecosystems. If nurtured properly, this could be a monumental success story.” –Ambassador, HE Sanjay Kumar Verma

No, more likely, Japan is bound to end up looking like India:

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