Trump Immigration Plan Adds Confusion to H-1B Controversy

Except for one little problem:

Most Asians cheat their way through school, and even highly skilled, merit-based looters can fake their way in, then rob US companies.

The reality is there simply is no way to know a foreign looter’s real intent…….

“Increasing America’s Competitiveness” was what these looters were supposed to have done for us 20 years ago. Instead we got our industries stolen by their industrial spies, trashed our cities, turned CA into a hellhole, and now their economies back home are booming”.

Not keeping America competitive.

If you want to keep America competitive, put Americans who created Silicon Valley back to work, not foreign industrial spies, Mr. Trump.

“Under Trump’s proposal, the nation’s immigration system would become “merit-based,” with an emphasis on selecting immigrants who exhibit “extraordinary talent,” “professional and specialized vocations,” and “exceptional academic track records.”

“The President’s proposal will increase American competitiveness in attracting and retaining the best and brightest by moving the United States in line with the effective point systems used by other countries,” read the White House’s press release, which included a chart showing how Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Japan supposedly all issue a majority of their visas on the basis of skill and employment.

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